Hello Kitty Beauty for Sephora | Nail Polish in Blueberry

Most of my friends know that I have a long-standing infatuation with Hello Kitty. As I’ve gotten older, though, most of the more juvenile licensed products no longer appeal to me. My husband tells me that he’s never seen me move faster, especially in the morning, than when I received the email that Sephora would be holding a one-day preview sale of its upcoming Hello Kitty Beauty line of premium cosmetics and accessories. As I browsed the product line, I got weak in the knees when I spotted the nail polishes. I also watched in horror as I saw them sell out right before my eyes. Thankfully, I secured one of my top choices, Hello Kitty Beauty nail polish in Blueberry.

As you can see, the bottles are adorable. In person, they are of substantial weight and I don’t see them being very fragile. I want to tell you how much I loved the polish itself, but, unfortunately, the bottle I received was damaged. The brush was jiggling inside the cap and it was quite difficult to even apply to decide if it would give me an even application. You can see the brush strokes in this second picture. I want to give the formula the benefit of the doubt, but until this hits Sephora stores, I can’t even exchange it for a new one. I can tell you that the wearability was on par with any other salon grade polish I’ve worn and I received a ton of compliments.

The full line will be in stores on Thursday, January 27th, following a charity auction benefiting Starlight Children’s Foundation. Sign up here to receive a reminder email from Sephora when it launches.

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3 Responses to Hello Kitty Beauty for Sephora | Nail Polish in Blueberry

  1. Dorothy says:

    Um, didn’t you wait in the Mcdonalds drive-in to get one the Hello Kitty toy watches?

    Yeah, those juvenile products, sooo over them :P

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