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Frosts? Forget them. Sparkles? I use them sparingly. While I don’t want to sport neon green polish when attending meetings or VIP parties with the more conservative crowd my work centers around, I do still require a fresh, bold color. Essie Mezmerised is the blue that you need for a fun, yet sophisticated mani, and it’s perfect for summer.


The blue is bright, but not loud. It’s trendy, but doesn’t scream “intern”. The latter is very important to me, as I am frequently mistaken for being ten years my junior by co-workers, business associates and, shockingly, even my boss.


Now, I do have one gripe, but maybe it’s just me. I have the darnedest time applying Essie polishes. I don’t know if it is because the brands I have stocked up on in the recent past have had giant brushes, but Essie’s brushes are very slender. I also think that my base coat of choice is not ideal to prep the nail before applying Essie shades. Some base coats just work better (or worse) with some polishes. A little experimenting is definitely in order. So, while my application isn’t as perfect as I would like, Essie’s nail polishes, particularly Mezmerised, are worth the trial and error.


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5 Responses to Essie | Mezmerised

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like how your so called less than perfect application is my “oooh look I got this right! Finally!”

  2. April Demetria says:


  3. anna says:

    Essie is AMAZING. I found the perfect shade I was looking for, their Playa de Platinum (it’s taupe). It lasts forever and goes on completely opaque! I’ll have to try this color when I get tired of taupe.

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