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Gregory and Travis McMichael who killed Ahmaud Arbery during an attempted citizen’s arrest. Glynn County Detention Center via APThe killing of an unarmed black jogger by white residents who assumed he was up to no good is shocking, but it should come as no surprise.If anything, Ahmaud Arbery’s death in Georgia on Feb. 23 was predictable: the latest tragic example of the fatal consequences that can occur when private citizens seek to take the law into their own hands.As a law professor and former police officer, what concerns me is not just that the men who killed Arbery may have thought that their attempted apprehension was legally sanctioned, but that they they would have had good reason to believe that.

He was a wonderful husband and father who was always supportive and encouraging with his children. He also valued his Church and his community. Thomas and Audrey were active members of the Walden Senior’s Club, Seniors Bowling League, Meals on Wheels, the Holy Name Society and many other community and church organizations over the years.

I want anyone in my life who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community to know that while I am a very flawed, feeling person, I am still working on learning and growing, just like the rest of us moving along in this crazy world. I still slip up when trying to remember the right pronouns to use for those who identify with they/them pronouns now. If someone undergoes a name change because they now identify as transgender or non binary, I do my best to not use their “dead” name, but again, I’m not perfect..

I don’t know why I bought it, given how unhappy I was with my first iPhone. Perhaps it happened the same way that some people get into yet another bad relationship this time is going to be different. Or maybe I was seduced, again, by promises. If a marinade doesn’t contain an acid it simply won’t penetrate the meat at all. So pour all the garlic and olive oil you want on a steak, without a touch of red wine or vinegar or lemon, all you’re doing is prepping the thing for a massage. Friendly of you.

Kristyn Wong Tam has questioned the SIU ability to investigate the incident.”Every time the SIU gets involved, the same concerns always come to mind. After first being spotted in the province last year. Experts are now trying to determine how many nests might be in the ground and where they might be.

To assemble the cakes, place strips of waxed paper, parchment paper or aluminum foil around the edge of a cake plate. Place one cake layer on top, and cover the top of the layer with a generous portion of the frosting. Repeat with each additional layer.

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