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This month Coke Studio, the largest music platform this country has, released a rendition of ‘Asma ul Husna’ with Atif Aslam. The video was directed by Asim Raza, the man who brought us Parey Hut Love, Ho Mann Jahan and countless Coca Cola and Lux commercials. Aslam’s vocals were soulful and stirring; the video however seemed familiar.

Those who are part of this beta “community” report that the technology shows promise, but also is subject to software glitches and limited usefulness. Some users have found themselves the target of an anti tech backlash by people worried about further invasions of privacy. In San Francisco, some wearers have even been physically attacked and their glasses destroyed..

To Ideas in Action. We have the opportunity to try an interesting new format virtual conversations using the Unhangout Platform. We are inviting some of our speakers to be hosts of virtual discussion rooms on February 12. “I also think that people will be more discerning about what they buy. Fast fashion’s irresponsibility has come to forefront and I think designers and consumers will both push for items that come with a price tag that is justified by the product. I see my collections become more chilled out, more edited, less frantic and chaotic.

It has great thermal insulating properties. Stucco is also just as sturdy as concrete, but easier to work with. It has also been shown to withstand floods and earthquakes with little to no structural damage, unlike the typical sheetrock used in homes.Recycled Styrofoam in concrete has many eco friendly applications.

Octopuses are not the only marine mollusks whose skin can sense light, but scientists don’t know yet whether the skin of those other animals contains the light sensitive opsins. If they do, Ramirez wants to understand how these two groups are related.”Do they all come from the same ancestral source or did they evolve multiple times?” he asked. “What kind of behaviors do the different groups share and what kind of behaviors does the skin sensing light underlie?”.

While we are on the subject, if you are a “messy toilet user,” make sure to clean up whatever mess you might leave behind. If you are not sure if you leave a mess behind, here is tip: look at the toilet before you leave the bathroom. If there are drips on the toilet seat, around the toilet, or anywhere else for that matter, clean it up!.

For Swaraj strongly opposes this move as it will make Panjab University inaccessible for many talented and meritorious students. Approximately 43% of all students at PU are in self financed courses, with already high and unjust tuition fee ranging from 31,000 to 2.45 lakh. Any further increase in fees during this crisis is condemnable, they said..

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