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The Blue Jackets introduced their third jersey logo in 2010. The mark reinforces the connection between the team name and its Civil War heritage, depicting the hockey club’s signature 1857 Napoleon cannon that fires each time the Blue Jackets score at Nationwide Arena. The team name “Columbus Blue Jackets” encircles the cannon in a ribbon inspired by Civil War medals, while a single star centered at the bottom of the crest signifies Columbus as Ohio’s capital..

A really simple thing, but it more important than you could ever imagine, Lewis said. Of hope connect people from all over the world that are experiencing some sort of pain. You take an influential role model to inspire them for a lasting impact. Raymond Braun: Just because you identify with one letter within the broader LGBTQ+ umbrella doesn’t mean you inherently understand the challenges or the lived experiences of other people who represent different letters within the LGBTQ umbrella. It really underscored the importance of talking to and being in a community with each other and developing personal relationships with people who have identities and experiences and backgrounds that are wildly different from our own. I think through those conversations, those friendships, those relationships we can more naturally learn how to empathize with each other and be allies for each other..

Even so, one marvels at the telling details that Spitz manages to get in. He addresses the question of Reagan’s intelligence, dismissed by critics as insubstantial. Reagan was an enthusiastic reader and shrewd tactician with an innate gift for rhetoric, we learn, but he harbored no intellectual pretensions.

And then they hunched over together, holding hands, looking like two little kids getting told they get ice cream for dessert. I hated it. Wearing all that name brand, high item shit don buy it for a second. Yet historically, Jane was a prominent figure in the Wild West, a frontierswoman and scout who helped fight against Indians and even knew Wild Bill Hickok. Calamity Jane preferred wearing men’s clothes, could drink and cuss just as hard as men, and was also a sharpshooter. By 1876, she finally settled down in Deadwood, South Dakota.

His family said Friday that he died in hospice and 110% until the end. A Facebook post, his parents said they wanted the funeral be big so we can send off this sweet boy with a bang. Are going to give Oakley a full military service in honor of his wish to become an Man one day, they wrote on Facebook.

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