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As others have noted DC rainmaker has the best tech comparisons for things like battery life. Anecdotally a 10 15 mile run burns maybe 10% or less for me, for hikes and such where I tracking a route I say I only get 12ish hours. The caveat to that is the fenix has battery saving modes where it pings GPS less, I haven had a use case for that yet..

Still, the south side of Chicago is not all violence. Children go to school each day, people go to work and households try to live through it. But 2012 is quickly shaping up to be one of the worst homicide years on record, and it’s pretty assured that Chicago residents are looking for some sort of reprieve..

While the rest of the day may be spent caring for other people or being busy completing daily tasks, the bubble bath is time to take care of you , and only you. You have time to reflect on the day’s problems or simply clear your mind of any anxiety provoking thoughts. You work at strengthening your mental health..

Pretty spoiled, Champion said. I didn know where I was when I woke up this morning, what day it was All I knew was I had to get up. Bareback rider rolled out of bed, and, in the very first performance of Pool A competition, he managed to produce a spectacular 86.5 point ride aboard Garden Party, a Kesler bucking horse he had always wanted to get on..

William D. Booth. The guest minister will be his father, the Rev. He only caught 19 passes in his collegiate career, but the potential is there for more; he showed an ability to hit that top gear in open space and break off long gains. His presence would help the Patriots keep their options open with both Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley set to hit the open market next offseason. McCarron (QB, Alabama).

It’s hard to read a business article these days without seeing the phrase “customer experience” so much so, that it may seem like it’s become the buzzword du jour. Everything a company does the way it markets, sells, answers the phone, runs its operations, and much more all play a role in shaping the customer’s experience. Any time a potential customer interacts with a brand, it influences the overall experience..

Spike Lee spoke out in late April against movie theaters re opening amid the coronavirus pandemic, and now the Oscar winner tells Vanity Fair he most likely will not be going to movie theaters until there is a vaccine for the virus being distributed. Lee is releasing his new film, the Vietnam War drama “Da 5 Bloods,” straight to Netflix on June 12. Lee is releasing his new film, the Vietnam War drama “Da 5 Bloods,” straight to Netflix on June 12.

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