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However before rushing headlong into making the cats’ new cubbyhole I wanted to strengthen the cat tree first; just in case I wanted to utilise and parts from the old scratching posts. So after getting another cup of coffee I sat down in the shed for another half hour while I thought through the next phase of this DIY project. In considering the problems and finding the solutions the main trunk of the cat tree is solid, the weak points were the platform at the top and the strain placed on the bottom of the trunk by the whole trunk acting as a leaver when Greebo (a Maine Coon cat at 17Ibs) sits on the top platform..

Where a failed reopening would have a greater political impact is on Mills’ re election prospects in 2022. That race has already been upended by the pandemic, as Mills like Trump will almost certainly not be running for re election on the basis of a booming economy. Before the pandemic, Trump frequently liked to take credit for the country’s economic prosperity.

Westfield Valley Fair’s partnership with the San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA), a “borderless” museum essential to creative life in Silicon Valley, will bring curated and commissioned artwork onto the property starting with a monumental outdoor sculpture at the center’s new grand entrance on Stevens Creek Boulevard to be unveiled this Fall. The center will then, over time, host artwork from both local and international artists allowing shoppers and visitors to engage and experience art as part of shareable and interactive moments with family and friends. URW has similar partnerships with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD)..

Former Rep. Sowden of Lehigh County was featured speaker. He began with a long address on the history of the flag. Refurbishment of the prime minister official Canberra residence will cost taxpayers more than $8.8 million at least $5 million more than originally expected. Work on The Lodge is expected to be finished in July and will cost $8.842 million, dwarfing the original $3.19 million price tag. Originally expected to take 18 months and be completed by mid 2014, Finance Department officials have pushed back the completion date at least three times as the scope of works has been expanded.

He and Lois retired to Lake Miltona, MN and Peoria, AZ in the late ’70s. Lois died in 1984. In 1991, Russ married Eleanor Nelson of Alexandria; she passed away in 2012. Buying a coffee chain would be aclassic Amazon move: find a market that represents the opportunity to expand the Amazon brand and then bulldoze into it with reckless abandon. It can then apply the overwhelming scale it has to both supply the kinds of weekly or bi weekly subscriptions these shops have while embedding free awareness of the Amazon brand within those coffee shops. There a risk of diluting the super hipster high value brand of Philz or Blue Bottle, but given that Amazon is a Very Great Tech Company, that seems almost unlikely..

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