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Evil Rays!Some people believe that during a solar eclipse, “bad radiation” is transmitted down to us earth dwellers. People stay indoors to avoid getting irradiated. Of course, we know this is utter nonsense. If you thought 2020 couldn get any worse, Asian giant hornets have appeared in the United States for the first time. Until December, when the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) verified four sightings of the hornets near Blaine and Bellingham, Wash. Canada also reported sightings of the insects in British Columbia the fall of 2019, per the WSDA..

Whole Foods has built a brand on the home grown, authentic feel of mass produce. They’ve carried those same principles into social media. Sure, big retailers have Twitter accounts, but how many encourage individual stores and regional areas to create unique accounts in order to reach specific communities with targeted information and updates? That’s exactly what Whole Foods did.

Officer at center of George Floyd death had history of prior complaintsThe Minneapolis police officer seen kneeling on the neck of an unarmed black man heard saying “I can breathe” multiple times before he died was a 19 year department veteran who was the subject of a dozen police conduct complaints that resulted in no disciplinary action. The officer, who was praised for valor during his career, also once fired his weapon during an encounter with a suspect, records show. The officer, Derek Chauvin, and three fellow officers were fired Tuesday from the Minneapolis Police Department, one day after the incident involving George Floyd, whose cries of physical pain were recorded on a cellphone video and whose death led to a wave of violent protests Wednesday nigh..

Until the 1980s the sale of blood and blood products outside national boundaries was relatively rare. However, as technological innovations improved product stability and as large multi nationals like Baxter and Bayer began to acquire US blood banks, by the 1990s “the blood services complex had become an interlocking network that mingled the blood and plasma of millions of people who lived thousands of miles apart” (Starr). Those countries in which the private sector dominates include Australia, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

Which have still not rusted even after 2000 years. The puzzle of decoding its chemical make up which protects it from rusting is being tried by engineers and scientists even today. As far as I know it is still not solved. Now when you are diffusing a bomb you have to be dead accurate and dead silent. Time is important as well. You find the solution to diffusing the bomb, it is sound and motion sensitive and if jerked with a certain force, the bomb will explode.

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