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SH: Yes, there’s a phenomenon I call ‘the Parent Labour Trap’ the fact that no matter how egalitarian a heterosexual couple are before the arrival of children, multiple factors conspire, once children are on the scene, to ‘discipline’ men and women into traditional breadwinning and housekeeping roles. First amongst these is the Gender Pay Gap, which often means it makes sense for a woman to put her career on the backburner to prioritise a higher income. Then there is the persistent stigma against male early years primary caring that leads to our poor uptake of Shared Parental Leave (only two percent of eligible British males exercise their right to share leave).

Another promising new show on Hotstar’s roster now is the series Diary of a Future President. Created by Ilana Pea, based on incidents from her life, the show follows a 12 year old Cuban American girl called Elena Caero Reed through her diary entries, as she negotiates life in high school. Talking to experts and industry leaders in the field, he educates himself and his viewers.

“I like the idea of being able to watch wherever I am, whether I in the office or at home,” said Pyskadlo, a season ticket holder who lives in Guilderland. “On the other hand, Time Warner used to pick up all the games and you be able to watch on TV. So there pros and cons.

Update from Boone: “The good thing is that it doesn’t seem to be related to (leg and heel) injuries he’s dealt with the last couple of years and it is a low grade calf strain. But you know calf strains, hamstrings those things can be a little dicey. It’s one of those that you got to make sure it’s 100 percent otherwise you start setting yourself back.

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CALGARY One of Canada richest families is buying Newfoundland and Labrador only oil refinery, which will be a block in a larger strategy to process more Canadian oil. And its Come By Chance, Nfld. Refinery from New York based investment firm Silverpeak for an undisclosed sum, which marks the seventh time the refinery has changed hands in its storied history.The deal is subject to conditions, including a Competition Bureau review, but it would make family controlled Irving Oil the only refinery operator in Atlantic Canada.

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