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And the same could be said for our everyday gear. Even the so called budget lines are still far more expensive than cheap clones. Yet it’s all worth the pennies as you are assured that your gear won’t break in times of need.. (tie) Dana Gillespie, Brian Treadwell, Joel McCluskey +1, Hal Stewart, Joe Rodrigue, Mike Cole +1, Aaron Newcomb, Greg Black, Ed Baum +1; Pins: No. 3 Al Porter 9 7, No. 16 Joe Rodrigue 9 2; Skins: No.

Hole sponsorships are available.LPGA Girls Golf: The summer program schedule has been released for high school and middle school girls. Dates are: Worthington CC, May 30; Quail Creek CC, June 6; Worthington, June 13 and 20; Estero CC, June 27; The Strand, July 11; Quail Creek, July 18; Grandezza CC, July 25; Spring Run CC, Aug. 1 and 8; Wildcat Run, Aug.

Salvatore, Angela Salvi, Alaina Sandbach, Stephanie Lynn Sargent, Paul A. Sasso, Jonathan D. Scarfo, Ashley Elaine Scavello, Benjamin Lanier Schumacher, Elizabeth Rose Schumacher.. My father, undaunted, had the temerity to beg of hisfather another chance, claiming the journey too long, the caravan ill equipped, and himself naive in the ways of trade. This time, he vowed, it would be different. And this time, my grandfather, the merchant prince, drew his own line.

Learn to recognize flavors, before and after they are cooked, and you’ll always have something fabulous on the table. Tasty as they are, if you soak the meat too long, you’ll end up curing it. A perfect example of this is the Peruvian classic known as ceviche.

Just for the record I did not vote for him. There a lot of Americans that also watch in horror at what has been unfolding for years now, but since the Senate is controlled by the republican party that only cares about remaining in power they not only allow it but they encourage it. The “checks and balances” that are supposed to exist in our government have absolutely been circumvented by men that care only for themselves and their party.

Each dance finds a character or characters making dark deals to get what they want. What they often find is that the object of desire is nothing compared to what they have given up. The most effective of these is set to Phantogram’s “When I’m Small.” A trio of couples dance happily to the tune, until one partner collapses and dies.

You’re tired. Everyone’s tired. It’s the midday slump that lasts an eternity but it doesn’t have to. Especially if you tinted your glass! Most tints are metallic which can interfere with all signals. Gps. Satellite radio. But the road to becoming a public figure in the fight for LGBTQ equality wasn’t quite so simple. During her time in the White House, McBride met and married Andrew Clay, a trans man and fellow activist. Just days after their wedding, he passed away from a terminal cancer.

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