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CALGARY The only exchange traded fund that allowed investors to trade Western Canadian Select heavy oil closed last week due to lack of investor interest and continued uncertainty around the Canadian oil sector.Auspice Capital Advisors managed Canadian Crude Index, an ETF with CCX as its ticker, stopped trading last Tuesday after several years in which Pickering and his team promoted the importance of a fund linked to the WCS benchmark., founder and chief investment officer of the Calgary based investment firm, said it was a painful decision to shut down his company pet project.the negative sentiment around energy, oil and Canada, we couldn get a commensurate interest in the product, Pickering said. People to realize the importance of this barrel has been part of my quest but it been very tough to do.The last several months have been particularly rough for oil linked ETFs. Fund managers at United States Oil Fund, which trades under the ticker USO, made multiple structural changes to the fund after extremely volatile price swings in the West Texas Intermediate oil benchmark led to a massive drop in its value.With the negative sentiment around energy, oil and Canada, we couldn’t get a commensurate interest in the productThe fund began the year trading close to US$100 per unit, but has collapsed more dramatically than the crude prices it linked to and was trading at US$25.46 per unit on Friday.In April, Horizons ETF Management also suspended the issuance of new shares in two crude oil linked exchange traded funds after the price of WTI collapsed and closed at an unprecedented per barrel as contracts for oil delivered in May expired.Some banks have also begun to limit trading in oil linked ETFs as a result of the extreme volatility, which could further dampen volume trading in the commodity linked ETFs.Oil linked ETFs have contributed to some of the oil price volatility, which in turn is leading to increasing regulatory scrutiny of the trades.

You can also find out where your friends are and what they doing. The program does require users to approve their list of friends, which means complete strangers can’t track your whereabouts. The downside to this as well of course, is that enough of your friends have to use this app to make it worthwhile..

There are reports of a bike hitting a Florida panther. Panthers are very rare, though. There are racoons, too.. American Spoon Foods888/735 6700A site devoted to collectors of memento spoons, you may ask? No, it’s primarily stuff that is eaten with a spoon: preserves, jams, and jellies. And other “regional” foodstuffs, too. But the joke for us in the subtropics is that when these folks say “regional,” they don’t mean chilies, pecans, and salsas (well, there are salsas, actually), but rather wild rice, cherries, and hickory nuts.

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