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BookMyShow is laying off or putting on furlough about 270 employees in India and globally. With theatres and stadiums completely shut since the lockdown, the ticketing company has had to take the difficult decision of downsizing. For those unaware, furloughing means putting employees on leave without pay but allowing them to continue being employed with the company.

”C’mon,” they said, and grabbed a hold of me on each side and boy we took off. We went back across the Rhine on a pontoon bridge. My hands were getting numb from pressing the back of my jaw all the time. Some are fully tinted, while others provide a more subtle glow, but they all give your skin a boost while still keeping you protected. It has proven to be the easiest way to literally and figuratively brighten my day, and I think it brighten yours, too. Related: 12 Clean Hair Care Products We Stocking Up On at Sephora.

I ordered a pair of Zenni glasses and paid a little extra for the higher index lenses ($25 for the frames, $50 for the higher index lenses). My prescription is moderately severe, 4.0 in each eye. In layman terms, that means that anything more than 1 ft.

In Fairbanks, Alaska, which is not hooked up to a regional grid, electricity is critical when temperatures can fall to 50 or 60 below zero. They have the world’s largest battery backup a 1,300 ton battery larger than a football field which can provide 40 million watts. Although only enough to power 12,000 residents for seven minutes, it was enough to prevent 81 blackouts.

Suffocate was most definitely something I had to get out of my system. It was extremely avant garde, loaded with concept, and even teetering on the line of “theatrical.” Emma and Kris (MPLSart) told me to dream big, so I did. It was an amazing experience that I hope every designer gets a chance to have.

They just don you safe if you just follow directions? Yeah, no. And if they don just outright kill you, they could make their instructions so arcane and hard to follow that they kill you for not following them, and they usually get away with it. He got away with it, by the way.

It stands, the Trail Blazers are the 9th seed in the West and three games behind the Grizzlies for a playoff spot, currently sporting a 29 37 record. They only have four games left to make up a three game difference between them and the eighth seed. A couple of Grizzlies wins and the Blazers are finished..

Slusser said that she was excited to learn that the Healthy Campus Initiative served as a starting point for what has grown into a larger and stronger UC wide effort. “On a personal note, the initiative is bringing me back to my roots since food has been the driving force in my medical and academic career, and also my father is a fourth generation California rancher. So thank you, President Napolitano, and thank you to all our UCLA and community partners for working so hard in making us stronger together to promote health, wellness and happiness through food.”.

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