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For the lime crema: In a small bowl, whisk together the sour cream, milk, lime juice, garlic powder and Tapatio until smooth and combined. More milk can be added as needed to thin the mixture so that it is a pourable consistency. Season generously with salt.

The cycles of renewal, if you will, are becoming faster and faster. The stewardship of executive chairman Brandon Stranzl, Sears has been trying to lower costs, simplify its processes and find ways to appeal to customers, but continues to struggle.In the third quarter ended Oct. 29, the department store more than doubled its net loss and reported a seven per cent drop in same store sales.

When shelling/peeling the eggs just crack the fatter end of the egg and remove just enough of the shell so you can slip a teaspoon under it. The spoon’s shape allows it to fit around the egg so you can move it around under the shell until the egg can be lifted out. This allows you to remove most of the shell in one piece and not have a lot of small messy pieces to clean up..

India has reported 6,566 new novel coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours. This is the seventh consecutive day that over 6,000 fresh COVID 19 cases have been detected. 194 deaths were also reported in the last 24 hours; this is the second highest number of deaths in a 24 hour period since the outbreak began.

JHC on a pogo stick. I shop at this Safeway all the time. The rightwing (social) media has brainwashed too many people to believe they need to carry a weapon for ‘self protection’. Luxottica, on the other hand, owns brands that have been a staple in eyewear for over half a century. The group has more than 5,000 retail stores in the US and has a diverse portfolio of brands including Oakley, Ray Ban, Vogue Eyewear, and Oliver Peoples. Oakley has already delved into wearable tech, with ski goggles that display an athlete’s speed, direction, and location..

Kinda ironic! LOL After waiting nearly 2 hours shuttle was gone. Everyone around could not believe the flight plan was to fly this way and hoped it was on its way back for a second flyover? We all waited and then heard the news it was already heading up north. Kinda sad.

Once you have your game in a format that you are comfortable with and you have decided whether or not you need a game engine, you will have to download one and install it. You will want to make sure that you are working with a secure website. This will help protect you from the different exploits that occur on the internet.

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