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Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and plagues have been common occurrences throughout history, but the ancient world was hit with some devastating blows. At the time, little was understood about these massive events, and people were not as prepared for them as we are today. These disasters sometimes even struck at night when no one could brace themselves and escape in time.

Just over an hour’s drive from Bend, but a world away from ordinary Central Oregon attractions, you can explore the ancient ruins of a volcano at Fort Rock State Park. Traveling south, and then east, the topography and scenery quickly change from forested stands lining the highway to a flat, barren landscape. Then, in the distance, a rocky formation stands in solitary.

Derek Chauvin, officer arrested in George Floyd death, has a record of shootings and complaintsIn 2005, two people died when their car was hit by a vehicle being chased by Chauvin and Officer Terry Nutter, according to a report by Communities United Against Police Brutality, a Minneapolis nonprofit that monitors police conduct. Another person who had been riding in the car died a few days later, the report said. The next year, Chauvin was among six officers who opened fire on Wayne Reyes, a stabbing suspect, after a chase that ended when he pointed a sawed off shotgun at them, the St.

The list includes 20 diocesan priests accused of abusing 174 children. It also includes three priests from other dioceses and 22 priests, deacons or brothers affiliated with religious orders like the Salesians and Franciscans who had worked within the Oakland diocese. Unlike the San Jose diocese, Oakland did not describe the allegations against the named clergy..

11 attacks. When the talks fell apart, it’s been alleged, the administration used the diplomats to issue a military threat, which was carried back to the Taliban. Bin Laden, the theory goes, then decided to strike first, making the Sept. Russell. Very cool to be taught by a living legend, and his selection of songs was refreshingly modern. On the down side, skill levels of the students varied widely, so peer review was more miss than hit..

The wonderful actor Tim Curry made this cross dressing evil cherub into a cultural icon, both on stage and also in the 1975 film version, which was titled “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” With the proper commitment, you can go too far wrong as a cross dressing mad scientist who introduces himself with the lyric, “I just a sweet transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania.” In Theatre Harrisburg production, Joseph Chubb inhabits this star making role with a panache that Curry would approve. There a lot of rubbing and pantomiming (and just plain panting) as a variety of sexual activities unfold on stage, some in vertical beds. No nudity or actual, you know, though.

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