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“Some people worried the district would ‘go rogue’ and not spend the money in ways that were consistent with good outcomes, or just give it all away to teachers,” she said. “But that didn’t happen. In fact, when you look at how the money was (spent) before and after, it was startlingly similar.

It is located only 5 miles north of San Diego and easy to get to off the Route 5 highway! Always nice and sunny in San Diego! Enjoy!I take a break on the pics from my last trip and share one of my favorite shots and Places 2 Explore! Greece! We took a trip lastMay to Europe for 18 days. The first 3 days were in Greece. The first day we recovered from jet lag and relaxed as we arrived into Athens late in the day.

To a narcissist, a past partner is a sex object he entitled to exploit forever. Gaslighting is his favorite tool to derail the focus of any conversation to serve his goals. He gaslights, and relishes the power this gives him (providing she remains unaware of her truth and his lies) to turn every conversation into a nightmare, and to condition her step by step to silence herself, to never bring up her pain, wants, needs, and to blame herself for his misery..

So now you know that the desert Southwest is a dusty place. Arizona and the rest of the southwestern United States is very dry. It is so dry that the United States Air Force has chosen it as a place to mothball out dated aircraft. Most importantly, practice diversity in all aspects of the company. If you’re hiring a wide range of people, those demographics should be represented in every meeting and management level. Including diverse voices in key decisions ensures that all viewpoints are heard and that people of all backgrounds feel safe to speak their minds..

A godless existence is full of wonders, but it does limit your time to enjoy them. But becoming an atheist is the same as becoming a Christian; it’s an understanding that’s ingrained in your being that you can no sooner change than you can change how tall you are or what color eyes you have. Sure you can cover it up and lie to everyone around you, but that doesn’t change who you are on the inside..

The teddy bear, the cute, cuddly stuffed animal that we know today, originated with President Theodore Roosevelt and a hunting trip. President Roosevelt spared the life of a bear, Steifalthough there is much debate as to whether this bear was a cub, adult, or elderly bear, exhausted from being chased by hunting dogs. But, as the story goes, President Roosevelt refused to shoot it.

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