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And what it is, is amazing. When my daughter Sophie and I were at Rocco’s recently we got into a discussion with the owners about the amount of pancetta in the dish, because the quantity was more than you’d usually see atop a plate of pasta. Sophie was definitely on “Team More” with Rocco the chef.

A large program of road improvement was under way boosted by money from the state’s skyrocketing auto registration fees. Endless debates began appearing in the newspapers over what roads should be improved and how much should be spent. Farmers lobbied for roads over which to take their produce to market, while hotel owners advocated highways for tourists..

Nothing worked. People were stranded in traffic jams with non functioning signals and no street lights; phone systems failed; water processing plants went offline and people were advised to boil their drinking water; many were stuck in elevators for hours, and so forth. Minus their electronic entertainment, no one knew what to do for fun; there was a mini baby boom in the area just about 9 months later..

The way things have turned out, he won’t be too sorry to have missed the Europe job. Those in the United States and elsewhere who were expecting a significant new figure on the world scene, carving a name for himself while punching the weight of Europe’s 500 million citizens, are going to be disappointed. In Van Rompuy, they are not going to see an EU president who eyeballs Vladimir Putin on energy security or cuffs Obama for not doing enough about climate change..

Andy Warhol never visited Slovakia despite having planned a visit to the Ruthenian region with his older brother John. However, due to his premature death in 1987 he never travelled to his parents’ birthplace. ‘Until 1989, the former Czechoslovakia was part of the then Eastern European socialist bloc where Pop Art was perceived as dangerous, bourgeois and a capitalist art movement entirely unacceptable to the prevailing Socialist Realism.

The room filled with the smell of warming butter and sugar and lemon and eggs, and at five, the timer buzzed and I pulled out the cake and placed it on the stovetop. The house was quiet. The bowl of icing was right there on the counter, ready to go, and cakes are best when just out of the oven, and I really couldn’t possibly wait, so I reached to the side of the cake pan, to the least obvious part, and pulled off a small warm spongy chunk of deep gold.

If the initial charges and penalties had been more severe, perhaps McConnell wouldn’t have had the opportunity to cause more animal suffering. The trial hasn’t been set for his latest charges, but if he’s found guilty, I hope the penalty is a lot worse on the trainer. I think a fitting punishment would be for him to undergo the same treatments he used on innocent animals..

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