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One more shot from the colorful Lost Maples State Park. This was the first fall colored tree I saw in the park. I walked up and my jaw dropped a bit! The light was hitting it just right and the reddish leaves were sweet with the dark background. There are so many amenities to being attractive, in the world’s eyes. I knew this and I understood the perks, yet as God’s child, I heard an inner warning alerting me that dangers lurked, when too much stock is put into good looks. As time went on, I became keenly aware of how shallow the world of appearances was..

Les trois soeurs Dufour Lapointe ont des attentes leves pour la saison 2015 2016 qui s’amorcera bientt. Elles visent rien de moins que le top 3 en Coupe du monde. Laquelle des trois sera sur la plus haute marche du podium? Complices, les trois filles pointent chacune les deux autres en guise de rponse!.

NPDs and APDs are so obsessed with seeking evidence of their that they worked diligently throughout history to eliminate, destroy or discredit evidence that indicates otherwise. In fact, most of our mainstream science and history schoolbooks continue to not include hard scientific evidence, that human beings, male and female, white and nonwhite, have amazing capacity to create and achieve great things, are hardwired to self govern and collaborate to create enriching, life sustaining communities given that is opportunities and enriching environments in which they are free to pursue happiness and realize their dreams. While not all NPDs turn into criminals, NPDs are at high risk of posing danger to others and thus society at large.

When off leash, your dog should always be wearing a collar so that he/she can be easily redirected and moved away as needed. It helps to get your dog used to collar grabs in advance. Therefore this is foundation work you should be doing beforehand. After getting to my unit I was told we were going to NTC (which meant jack shit to a brand new private, what the hell is an NTC?). Not knowing what was going on I just said ok and was whisked off that night and left my wife, and a packed apartment, down in Texas for a month. When I got back and finally was able to get down there to get her we filed for off post housing, bah, all that shit.

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