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Overall, the National Retail Federation expected about 30 million to shop on Thanksgiving, compared with 99.7 million on Black Friday. The trade group predicted an uptick in both numbers of shoppers, with 135.8 million people shopping during the four day weekend compared to 133.7 million people last year. And it predicts sales for November and December to rise 3.7 percent to $630.5 billion compared with the same period last year..

If you’re sick of spending 5 bucks on a caramel macchiato and always wanted to make one yourself but refuse to buy those overly priced, fancy espresso machines, then this is the article for you. It’s not a very hard process, but may take a little time. But, I promise you that you’ll be happy with the delicious results..

This is a poem about parental alienation and the devastation that it can cause. During a divorce, when lawyers get involved, people end up paying a lot. But the people that always pay the most are the children. The listening session lasted over three hours and was full of strong emotions. Angry voices could be heard through the meeting’s closed doors, as some parishioners stood up and shared their anger and frustration with church leaders. The listening session was closed to the media, but Bishop John Kinney spoke to the press afterward.

He is afraid she will panic, but she stays seated, frozen. She looks at Kugler and the intruders impassively, as if from a great distance. “Hands up,” one of the Dutchmen barks at her, his pistol in his hand. You are able to call Apple for a customer service representative. There you will talk to a individual, give some information and they can send you a box in which you can ship your iPhone to their repair center. The whole process is free and in my case took only a few days to send away and return back to me..

Step Three: Don’t be FussyThis is important. I know there are a lot of people out there, particularly ladies and germaphobes, who are used to stopping at their local public bathrooms and using those little paper toilet seat covers before running off to use their soap and running faucet. This is not going to be a feasible option once you’re on the road.

SOUTHERN, Oakley Thomas Oakley Thomas Southern, born February 18, 1929, passed away peacefully at Vernon Jubilee Hospital on May 1, 2012. He is survived by his wife, Dawn and children: Lee Prokopow, Theresa (Bob) Glass and Mark (Melanie) Southern. Oakley will also be greatly missed by his grandchildren: Stephanie, Kyle, Troy, Carly, Brandon and numerous other family and friends.

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