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Impact: LaVine was idle for Tuesday 108 103 win over the Cavaliers, marking his fifth consecutive absence on account of a left quad strain. While he seems to be encouraged by his progress, the fact that LaVine didn describe his recovery timeline in terms of games suggests that he probably unlikely to play in the Bulls next contest Thursday in Orlando. A more official update on his status for that game should arrive later Wednesday, when the Bulls release their newest injury report..

Protests against police brutality and racial discrimination erupted across the country, with at least two deaths linked to demonstrations. Protesters set cars on fire, smashed windows and clashed with police officers dressed in riot gear in cities including Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, Calif.As police and protesters clashed for a second day near the White House, President Donald Trump was in Florida for a space shuttle launch. He used an address at the Kennedy Space Center to offer a stern warning to “rioters, looters and anarchists” against violence.”My administration will stop mob violence and we’ll stop it cold,” Trump said, blaming violence in several cities on “radical left wing” groups.

> Cure Insomnia. The book, The Beer Drinker’s Bible, states that some women buy hops used for brewing beer to sew it into pillows. They claim that the aroma is a sleep aid that helps babies with colic. If you purchase water bottles to keep at home because you want clean water to drink, purchase a Brita (or similiar) water pitcher. It will filter the water, ensure your water is cold, and it reduces water output for filling up glasses at home (as people tend to turn the water on before placing the glass underneath). And of course, and reduce plastic waste of disposable water bottles..

Seventeen year old Mercedes has sex with virgins, offering them instructional pointers to use with their girlfriends. Now, one always runs the risk that, when criticizing risky material, people will confuse criticism of the writing with criticism of the risk being taken. To be clear, the problem here is not the explicit sexual content; Mercedes takes pleasure and empowerment from her encounters and is a strong sex positive character.

There is no denying that over the years we’ve lost a lot of art and craft. The conformity of mass production cannot be matched by human irregularities that seep into hand made products: no two come out alike. Hand made shoes, hand knotted carpets, painstakingly, sometimes blindly (quite literally) beautiful, intricate hand embroidery: hand crafted is now a costly, discerning luxury and the decline in demand hasn’t been easy on the artisans..

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