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A contest was held in the newspaper for a name for the new amusement center. Moore, an employee of the Bangor Daily News’ composing room. His choice of the name Bowlodrome beat The Pantheon “a new temple on the Kenduskeag” and even “A Bowl of Joy,” among other catchy entries..

After two weeks, nothing had changed between the pair, and Fox, 34, revealed to her husband that she enjoyed her time alone and even liked herself during that experience said he was and about it, but upset at her wasn a choice she made, he said. The way she honestly felt. Pair then decided to a little bit and give ourselves some time and take some space, and meditate, and do whatever, and see what it is we find, and so we did, Green said..

For amenities, there’s a clubhouse, restaurant, tuning shop, two putting greens and a four story observation tower. Residents can also have staffers maintain the house, stock it with groceries and take care of the cars while they’re away for an added monthly fee. As of last year, 89 of the 268 home sites had sold..

So I go skiing last weekend. Conditions were very cloudy outside and the lenses fogged up inside the double barrier, meaning wiping them on the inside or the outside didn help. I rode a couple runs hoping it would iron itself out but they remained foggy for close to an hour while on the slopes..

Yeah people sleep on the clone and Double Barrel allows for a lot of really cool elemental combos you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. People complain its damage isn’t great (they’re right), but IMO they’re missing the point. The clone is all about utility and having it use weapons that are more important for their special effects than their damage output..

We calculate the R in several ways. What it was two to four weeks ago can be back calculated by the changes in Covid 19 hospitalisations or deaths. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is now doing national swab surveys to estimate the proportion of people who carry the virus and how that changes over time; but these take a week or two to process and report.

I thought HDR! This was made with 5 exposures, then processed in Photomatix up in Lightroom 2.0. My usual method. For HDR you can use 3 exposures or 5. Boston Athletic Association, with our input and support, has determined that the traditional one day running of the 124th Boston Marathon is not feasible this year for public health reasons, Walsh said during a news conference at City Hall. Is no way to hold this usual race format without bringing large numbers of people into close proximity. Who registered for the 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston, which was rescheduled in March to Sept, 14., will have their entry fees refunded..

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