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But there’s also a real economic impact that comes with devaluing humanities education. Today’s students must be well rounded, creative thinkers prepared with critical thinking skills for employment in an ever changing global marketplace. To keep pace with such an economy, students must be lifelong learners equipped not just with specific content knowledge, but a broader background that has exposed them to a range of ideas and topics..

Our fate as a nation rests in large part on the fate of these young people. We do know how to improve the future for them, and thus for the country as a whole. The Commission has offered many research based recommendations.. And the just plain odd could never be forgotten. Always Christmas gained something of a reputation in the late 2000’s for being the place to go if you were in need of an entry for an “Ugliest Christmas Ornament” contest! Who could blame them? Amongst all that beauty there were several truly. Shall we say unique styles? After all, it’s not everyone in the country who thinks shining fish heads belong on Christmas trees..

And, since the child is a total reflection of the PD parent, that reflection must be perfect. Woe to the child who does not ‘toe the line’ and be perfect in grades, sports, performances, manner, or appearance. Often, very harsh penalties are realized by the child from an enraged, ’embarrassed’ PD parent.

I think Mims is Dez lite. Similar builds and he will be more like 85% peak dez if he reaches his potential. To some that may put him as worth it in the first, but I have no clue how likely he is to reach potential and I’m unsure if his floor is worth a 1st.

The reasons are quite obvious: In a time of peace and relative safety there is little need for a strong and protective man in your life. He can’t protect you from the common dangers of modern life (accidents and illnesses mostly) and, statistically, men are in fact more affected by those dangers than women. Logic would dictate that women should start taking on more of a protective role and I believe we’re seeing some of that happen right now but that’s another topic..

The Surgeon General basically contradicts himself here, stating that masks will not protect the general public but will protect medical workers. That makes no sense at all. However, I think it is pretty obvious why they were recommending that the general public not wear masks in the beginning.

Another set of interventions include vaccination for measles and rota virus, Vitamin A supplementation, fortification, deworming, food rations, administration of oral rehydration salts (ORS) with zinc during diarrhea, counseling for complementary feeding by ASHAs and ANMs and improved water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) environment. However these interventions does not undermine the periconceptional nutrient supplementation or maternal balanced diet and nutrients supplementation during pregnancy. Secondly, studies have highlighted the issues of knowledge gap and effectiveness of link workers in delivering the change that they were envisaged to bring..

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