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The line hasn’t been drawn between being politically correct and losing our freedom of speech because they’re truly isn’t one. No matter what we say we risk offending someone, and whatever it is, it can change from day to day. There’s no harm in trying to use appropriate language as not to offend someone, and most of us know the correct terms for describing certain things or people as not to be hurtful, but if someone chooses the politically incorrect road, or doesn’t even realize they’ve traversed that path, instead of getting offended by it, maybe we should congratulate them for stepping outside the box and being the brave one.

I’m enjoying this journey and I’m writing this to not only get my thoughts out, but also to open a discussion on this issue, because I believe it’s very important. I obviously hope and pray that there is no hell or eternal punishment, so that’s my bias going in. But I’m aware of this bias and the potential pitfalls of it and I’m trying not to allow it to cloud my judgment.

When the Grinch finally gets to unleash mayhem, looting the Whos’ living rooms, it’s the highlight of the show. Unfortunately, even that scene grinds to a halt for one of Mel Marvin’s many mediocre songs, this one delivered by Cindy Lou Who (Mabel Weismann). Her plaintive presence melts the Grinch’s heart, which might be moving if his beleaguered pooch Max weren’t played by another young girl (the endearing Natalie Tran) who we’ve just watched the Grinch knock mercilessly back and forth across the stage for an hour..

/The two vertical external extensions allow preservation of useful interior space at the upper levels. One extension is the top of elevator shafts while the other is a smoke evacuation tower for fire fighting. /A glass pyramid cap sits at the top and encloses both aircraft warning light and a seasonal white beacon..

In accepting the ALL IN Challenge, the Rangers have collaborated with several of the franchise’s legends to organize a once in a lifetime opportunity the chance to skate and play with members of the 1994 Stanley Cup Championship team. Fans are able to bid on this experience here. This opportunity features a game at Madison Square Garden in which the winner of the auction will get to play against a team that includes Rangers legends Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Mike Richter, and Adam Graves.

Emily Kopp, an editor, joined NPR in November 2015. She used to be a morning host and reporter at Federal News Radio in Washington, where she learned all about government shutdowns, Congressional oversight and why federal employees carry BlackBerrys. She has interviewed a wide range of people, including former President Jimmy Carter, novelist Alice Walker, human trafficking victims and goat farmers.

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