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Wife is a native of Atlanta, Vaka said. Had her apprehensions. She did her own research. In the face of a CDF disaster, the federal government funders, usually the bte noir everyone loves to hate, have been supportive, as have, in more limited ways, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa. Marcel Lemay, director of arts development and programs at the Department of Canadian Heritage, notes that CDF has received the maximum allowed ($200,000) to any one participant, as well as an additional $36,000 project grant for an outreach initiative. Anne Valois, head of the Canada Council’s dance section, which covers festival travel costs and per diems, reports the maximum support ($150,000) from her end, plus money for the Canterbury residency..

Discharge. It’s normal to see a thin, milky white discharge (called leukorrhea) early in your pregnancy. You can wear a panty liner if it makes you feel more comfortable, but don’t use a tampon because it can introduce germs into the vagina. Clip thermometer on the side of the pan, but make sure the tip of the thermometer is not on the bottom of the pan. This will give you a false temperature reading. Set burner on medium heat and begin to stir with a wooden spoon to mix all ingredients.

Phil strikes me as the sort of guy who intentionally gave people enough rope to hang themselves. Phil and Gaines very clearly had control over what players they brought in but I think he gave Mills freedom to negotiate contracts and trades. Phil should have hired someone more competent underneath him.

Mickey Cohen worked for the Mafia’s gambling rackets and was charged with tax evasion and sentenced to 15 years in Alcatraz Island. Two years into his sentence an inmate clobbered Mickey with a lead pipe, partially parallelizing the mobster. On his release in 1972, Mickey returned to live a quiet life with his old friends..

It about time: By the end of 2012, Google will launch a pair of Android powered, augmented reality, head up display (HUD) glasses. Anonymous Google employees, speaking to The New York Times, say that the glasses will resemble a pair of Oakley Thumps (pictured above), will have 3G or 4G connectivity, a forward facing camera, GPS, and a full array of movement sensors. They will cost the price of current smartphones.

The amusement district of Midland Beach was right next door. But South Beach was by far larger, and had a major amusement park called Happyland which operated between 1906 and 1927. Independent amusements and small amusement parks continued to flourish on both beaches until 1935 when, you guessed it, Robert Moses decided that Staten Island needed a new parkway.

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