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Facts are facts and being bothered by them or trying to be super “woke” does not change reality. So even if one person reads my comments and chooses to research for them self, it’s worth the cost of fake karma. At the end of the day I believe in equality of opportunity for all, but not in equality of outcomes, as we all have our own goals and idea of success.

For India to allow Huawei even in its 5G trials displays an act that’s not very different from India rooting for China as a member of the United Nations Security Council against its own interests in 1950. Seven decades later, allowing Huawei into India mirrors the same sentiment it is a signal that India is giving in to China’s bullying. The Narendra Modi government must undo this action and prevent Huawei from entering India’s high technology arena, and must exclude Chinese participation in India’s critical sectors and infrastructure..

If other people rag you because of your diet, just let it roll off your back. They probably teased you when you were a vegetarian anyway. If other vegetarians are giving you a hard time, let them know what you are doing to continue to make ethical food choices.

They do not want readers to think, “hey, I visit zoos, the zoos I’ve been to appear to have happy animals and my kids love it. I don’t agree with this stance. It seems radical”.Instead, some of the more controversial topics are highlighted: that of producing white tigers and lions, animals being produced for entertainment (such as circuses) and so called ‘edu tainment’, baby big cats being used for photo ops, and exotic cats being used as private pets (the easiest target of all, as the public is so ignorant to it).Some Examples of Listed Persons on the Website note, updates to the site have been made.

In an interview with the Star tabloid, Kelly sounded regret that she went “Annie Oakley” (her words) with her shotgun, but said a really annoying car alarm, not to mention chronic knee pain, pushed her over the edge. Kelly played Pinky Tuscadero in just three 1976 episodes of Happy Days. The episodes remain, however, her most memorable work.

WOOD, Bernard Oakley It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Bernard on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017, in his 97th year. Son of Wally and Evelyn Wood. Predeceased by loving partner Evangeline Wood (Beaudreau). The most encouraging results for both tests were in the fourth grade, particularly among lower performers. Fourth graders at the 10th percentile saw their history scores rise to 165 in 2006 from 147 in 1994, on a 500 point scale. On the civics exam, their scores rose to 111 from 102 between 1998 and 2006, on a 300 point scale..

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