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Until they found out I didn have a house with a yard. Did not matter that there is a 4 acre fenced dog park 25 feet from my door. Did not matter that this dog needed months of kennel rest while he recovered. Please don’t ask me to comment on that powder stuff in the little red packets from the grocery store. That’s not jus at all. Think about it it’s not even juice of any kind! It looks and tastes a lot like the stuff my kids track in out of the yard.

More importantly, the leadership to EQUALITY. We ultimately win when we can normalize equality. I’m so sorry to the Floyd family. You all know who it is. “And, by the way, here is a great hero,” he said. “This man the job he did. To try to model what might happen if patients were treated with DART molecules to clear persistent infection, lymphocytes were taken from patients on HIV therapy. These cells were then re infected with different HIV virus subtypes, and with viruses previously recovered from the same patient’s latent viral reservoir. When the patient cells expressed these various viral strains, DART molecules facilitated CD8 “killer” T cell clearance of the infected cells..

Even the flash from my not too bright flashlight didn’t disturb that trusty watchdog who had somehow managed to stuff himself back into that tiny space where practically nobody could ever find him. We may need a crowbar to pry him out tomorrow morning, but now that my heart has slowed down to a steady purr I believe I’ll tiptoe back into the bedroom and join the rest of the sleeping clan. I’ll try not to wake the watchdog nor the man of the house.

Yeah people sleep on the clone and Double Barrel allows for a lot of really cool elemental combos you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. People complain its damage isn’t great (they’re right), but IMO they’re missing the point. The clone is all about utility and having it use weapons that are more important for their special effects than their damage output..

Snow was melting a bit, but with no sun, it was a slower process. Just occasionally you had to dodge a falling bunch of snow from a tree above! I guess there was about 10 15 inches of fresh snow. I had sneakers on I had to try an avoid the ole wet sock effect when walking in snow.

When you wear a piece of jewelry designed by David Yurman, you are making a statement to the world that you admire both craftsmanship and design. Even people who are not familiar with the Yurman name will ask you where you purchased your unique jewelry. It stands out and makes a statement of prestige, style, and quality..

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