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You didn phrase your comment obliquely enough apparently : ) But, yes, shoe fit and sizing can be really tricky. I gone back and forth between shoes in a store a half dozen times. And where shoes are a fashion accessory like jewelry, it tricky to order online even if you can send a few things back.

6. Where do you stand on the ballot question to eliminate the indexing of the gas tax? Why?I oppose indexing gas tax hikes to inflation. If the legislature wants to raise taxes on those least able to afford it, they should be required to take a public position by casting their votes.

Doug and Eileen Bartron, owners.Directions: In Heathsville, on Route 360, adjacent to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.OAKLEY. Built in the 18th century by John Hughlett, the oldest section of this white frame Federal house rises 2 1/2 stories above a raised basement.

The researchers conducted a number of experiments to study this cognitive process. For example, by analysing 125 comments in 35 articles about Tiger Woods following the revelations about his cheating on his wife, the researchers found that roughly 59 per cent used that separation argument and more importantly, that those who did so were overwhelmingly more likely to write comments that expressed overall support for the athlete than others, including those who rationalized his behaviour. Participants in one study rated the ease of separating personal conduct and job performance.

BANGKOK (AP) Hong Kong has been living on borrowed time ever since the British made it a colony nearly 180 years ago, and all the more so after Beijing took control in 1997 and granted it autonomous status.China’s passage of a national security law for the city is the latest sign that the 50 year “one country, two systems” arrangement that allowed Hong Kong to keep its own legal, financial and trade regimes is perishable.China’s communist leaders have been preparing for decades to take full control of the glittering capitalist oasis, while building up their own trade and financial centers to take Hong Kong’s place.For them, national security and patriotism trump the civil liberties that brought millions of Hong Kong residents into the streets last year, hoping to protect their own vision for their future protests that would not be tolerated across the border.In the early 1980s, as China’s own economy began to open up to trade and investment after decades of Cold War isolation and political upheaval, the contrast between the mainland and Hong Kong was evident on crossing the border into the bucolic rice paddies and fish ponds of Shenzhen.Several generations later, Shenzhen is a metropolis of skyscrapers, high tech campuses and huge, modern ports that dwarf Hong Kong’s own, at least in trading volume.Railways, roads, bridges and other infrastructure have transformed the Pearl River Delta region that surrounds it into a whole ecosystem of built up cities that is China’s answer to Silicon Valley and then some. It also is home to increasingly influential tech companies like Huawei Technologies and Tencent.”Hong Kong is a Chinese city,” said Kenneth Courtis, an expert on Asian economies and chairman of Starfort Investment Holdings. Instead of Hong Kong transforming its neighbors in Guangdong province, he said, “it’s more likely that Hong Kong will be more and more absorbed into Guangdong.”The rise of industrial and financial centers like Shenzhen and Shanghai has sidelined Hong Kong in other respects.The national security law endorsed in Beijing followed recent arrests of Hong Kong pro democracy advocates.

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