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The company’s glasses range in price from $129 to $349.No matter what an individual pair costs, all Randolph Engineering glasses originate in the same place. A machine in the factory begins the process by bending imported wire into eyeglass frames to fit individual lenses. It can make up to 2,000 frames a day.Then, employees solder hinges and other small parts to the frames, working their fingers deftly around red hot machines.Workers add the sides, or temples, to the glasses, while others use a machine that laser cuts glass and polycarbonate lenses to fit different frame shapes.

Normally, sick cells like cancer cells would present as molecular interlopers that need to be cleared by the immune system. But cancer cells are deceptive, said MacMillan. They send out a “don’t kill me” signal through a cloaking mechanism involving the PD L1 and PD 1 axis.

In the varied discussions on the post 2015 education related agendas, there was strong consensus that gender equality in education remains a priority. Various inputs noted that inequalities in general, and particularly gender equality, need to be addressed simultaneously on multiple levels economic, social, political and cultural. A response on behalf of the International Women’s Health Coalition maintained that “all girls, no matter how poor, isolated or disadvantaged, should be able to attend school regularly and without the interruption of early pregnancy, forced marriage, maternal injuries and death, and unequal domestic and childcare burdens”..

More unusual for a technology company, SOTI said it has had 97 consecutive quarters of profitability.Plenty of other tech companies lose money, especially in the early days. Uber Technologies Inc. Famously lost more than US$5 billion in a single quarter this year, and the conventional wisdom among venture backed startups is that the path to success involves losing money in the product development and customer acquisition phases, before pivoting toward profitability.SOTI claim suggesting 24 years of profitability is notable because the actual Mobicontrol product at the core of SOTI business wasn built until around 2001.

OUR OTTAWAOur Ottawa Photos Stories Around Town Ottawa CitizenInside the re birth of one of the Ottawa police’s most criticized unitsIn the summer of 2016, witness reports came pouring in of a man groping women at a coffee shop in Hintonburg. Two police officers rushed to the scene, and an elaborate chase unfolded as neighbours came streaming out of their homes to view the commotion weaving through their streets.Shaamini Yogaretnam November 1, 2019 Our OttawaOverbrook Bingo Palace: The family place that does good for familiesThere is plain old bingo, and then there is Ottawa’s Overbrook Bingo Palace. For sheer fun and prize money, it is just a cut above the rest.James Careless November 6, 2017 Our OttawaHungary brings design exhibit to NCC’s International PavilionHungary moves to Ottawa for October.

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