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As I walked down the driveway after getting off the school bus, I would hear the sound of branches breaking and something quickly running towards me. Suddenly, out of the woods came the neighbor’s dog. Swoosh! He grabbed a mitten off my hand and darted back into the woods.

The Kite spread to Malaysia and Japan and soon trickled into Europe via the voyages of Marco Polo. The sailors brought back this curiosity to Europe and tried to fly it with varying success. It wasn’t until the 18th and 19th century that kites, quite literally, took off in Europe as a way of recreation but also scientific experimentation..

The Rev. Julie Wollman and the Rev. Military honors provided by the Local Veterans Military Memorial Honors Unit. That is a rate of two devices per year (plus one for this year, already.) Add to that, all of these items were purchased no earlier than three and a half years before they started breaking. That’s only six and a half years and every item has already broke down at least once in some form or fashion. This means either one of three things: one I have horrible luck, two I can’t help but buy the cheapest jalopies on the lot, or three electronic equipment mass produced nowadays is faulty, whether intentional or not.

Worse, the poorly developed app didn’t do the one thing Fisher Price promised. It was slow, it randomly logged you out, notifications were sometimes delayed or sporadic, and oh yeah, its “red alerts” wouldn’t override a phone’s “Do Not Disturb” mode. Meaning that if your baby was in danger, you wouldn’t know until the morning.

That could an interpreter and/or English lessons. There help with visas, green cards, housing, vehicles and other necessities. But there are things that can be arranged.. Chernobyl Closure (14.4 28.8) Alex Kleimenov reports from Ukraine on the closure of the Chernobyl nuclear power station, more than 14 years after the world’s worst nuclear accident there. The last remaining reactor shut down today, one day ahead of schedule. For most people, the name Chernobyl will forever be associated with the explosion and fire that killed dozens of workers in the immediate aftermath and caused thousands of cases of cancer.

There are turkeys galore everywhere you look in Bollywood. Blink and you’ll miss another Tiger Shroff film flashing by in a swoosh of overpriced sneakers. But a certain kind of turkey is particularly bad for your heart: the kind inexplicably stuffed with fine actors.

The ETheater reveals the beauty of Earth with scientific insight and technological prowess. Hasler presents the Earth in several dimensions and in a historical perspective. You fly from outer space to Wisconsin and to the shores of Madison four lakes.

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