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“We’ve worked with Al on custom digital marketing projects during the past couple of years with great success. After the launch of Platform earlier this year, we were encouraged by Al’s belief that we could add value to his entertainment industry customers who are typically at the edge of social media engagement,” said 3 Tier Logic President and CEO, Robert Craig. “His unparalleled contacts and keen insights into the entertainment industry are opening up many new opportunities for us to sell Platform.

It’s part of the sports landscape. Nobody is above being traded. Ainge shipped Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett out of Boston when they were aging. “Well there’s a lot of variables to be considered in the meantime. At the moment, there’s still a T20 world calendar for October, November. And so the question of IPL no doubt will be addressed when a decision is made around the T20 World Cup, that’s the key influencing factor there.

At Steenkamp cremation in the windswept Victoria Park Crematorium in Port Elizabeth, sorrow mingled with outrage. “She was an angel. She was so soft, so innocent. Thursday Senior Scramble 1st Tim Furrow, Bill Ferris, Jim Mabry, Bruce Blanchard ( 5); Mike Dunphey, Ben Sawyer, Bob Fraser, Kerry Woodbury ( 5); Richard Skorski, Mac Cassell, Mark Johnson ( 5); Alan Gray, Ron Snyder, Richard St. Pierre, Alan Gray ( 4); Paul Bowden, Doug Deans, Bob Mc Kenney, Ed Lachance ( 3); Bill Brooks, Bob Wilks, Charlie Perkins, Carl Williams ( 3); Bob Carter, Russ Black, Dan Crouse ( 3); Alan Cust, Don Curtis, Ron Allen, Richard Baker ( 2); Ken Goldstein, Bob Francis, Scott Mac Arthur, Russ Nealey ( 2); Barry Harris, Ralph Alley, Ron Hanson, Lloyd Deans ( 1); John Shoppe, Mike Dore, Howard Flewelling, Daryl Briggs ( 1). Pins: No.

Adolf H. Lundin created the template for the Lundin Group of Companies as miners, oilers and natural resource explorers What sets Lundin Group of Companies apart from many others in the resource industry is the belief that long term growth is best achieved through shared community values The Lundin’s unique natural resource development strategy has consistently proven to enhance long term stakeholder value Founded by Adolf H. Lundin over forty years ago, the Lundin Group of Companies is composed of fourteen publicly traded companies focused on the resource sector.

Rookie sensation Joel Embiid has been nothing short of spectacular in his NBA debut season. In the 31 games that Embiid has played this season, he has averaged 20.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks. He has been awarded NBA player of the week in January.

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