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The report acknowledges that cities can also be trumped. In North Carolina, lawmakers were spurred to pass HB2 because Charlotte had passed a non discrimination law that, among other things, protected the right of transgender people to use public bathrooms that align with their sense of self. The state law rolled back those protections and banned other cities from passing similar measures.

The West gave birth to the America we know today, from that sense of freedom and exploration. It represented the birth of the whole nation, of America finding its way and deciding what ideals would represent it. Of course, there’s a heck of a lot of excitement, mystery and action mixed in too.

Like a classic Hollywood regular guy hero, Donovan returns home quietly, and wins his brood’s adoration without saying a word. But then the final parallel scene conjures horror from an utterly innocent moment, and sour replaces sweet as the movie’s end note. The take charge dad can run his job, his life, and his family, but random evil is beyond his control..

“They” Say, If Tipping Were Eliminated, Prices Would Go UpWell, in a sense, that’s true. But, no, it’s not really true. When you stop to think about it, if the employee salaries were raised by that 15%, and that same 15% added to the cost of the menu items you’ve still spent the same amout in the end..

It’s a wide ranging treatise, with fascinating explorations of the history of Home Economics, how technological changes have impacted women’s’ lot (spoiler: not much) and the rise of “cleanfluencers” and “instamoms” on social media today. The chapter on utopian visions and alternative communities is particularly interesting I had never heard of self taught architect Alice Constance Austin and the feminist, socially egalitarian Californian city she was commissioned to design in 1915. It was never built but the plans featured a radical layout of “kitchenless homes connected by a system of underground tunnels used for commuting, laundry and hot meal collection and delivery (from a large centralized city kitchen and laundry).”.

In fact, all movie musicals of this era are about class and entitlement. (See Diggers of 1933. Thus the obsession with the rich people falling down in the mud and the idea of the madcap heiress in a gilded cage or the girl who struggles as a dance instructor becoming a big star ( Time Interestingly, aside from the Golden Age the forties and fifties the leaning of the Hollywood musical is more rom trag than rom com.

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