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When a person starts off high it is then so much the more of a challenge to ever imagine the low side of humanity. Being rich most often precludes a man or woman from being even able to have empathy for the poor. Why are they poor? Oh, they must not have done well, as surely everyone has the same opportunities in life! I’ve no idea if Donald Rumsfeld thought such thoughts, or not in any case it matters none at all, as his actions speak far louder than his thoughts or his words ever could, and his actions show a decided lack of empathy for anyone save persons even wealthier than he always was from the very start.

8. A hack sawOh, the mighty hack saw; as it turns out, they’re not just for breaking out of old prisons any more. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in a situation that needs a quick sawing. Bottom centre and right: The dinosaur footprint bed or Hard Slatt is clearly visible in several quarries. Shown here is the position of this bed in a sequence of Lower Purbeck marls and clays with limestones at Coombefield Quarry, near Southwell. Here, the bed is distinctive with a thickness of near a metre (at maximum) and with a rippled top and halite casts below..

About VICIS Headquartered in Seattle, VICIS is a sports technology company focused on developing a highly engineered football helmet to improve protection and performance. VICIS’ flagship helmet, the ZERO1, was shaped by some of the world’s leading athletes, engineers, and neurosurgeons, and ranked first in the 2017 NFL/NFLPA Helmet Laboratory Performance Testing. VICIS is funded by several prominent spine and neurological surgeons, current and former NFL players, Harry Fath, the Peregrine Group, angelMD, W Fund, Alliance of Angels, and Trilogy Equity Partners..

Steel cut oats take longer to cook a lot longer, if the truth be known, but they’re worth every precious minute for their more appealing consistency. And while the resulting comfort may be as cold as a penguin’s cheating heart, because you’ve got to chill the goetta overnight, it’s a two day process anyway. Take your time with it on Saturday, and Sunday morning you can invite over Madge and the gang and let the piehole stuffing begin..

In “Coin of the Realm,” a collection of critical essays that he published in 2004, Carl Phillips outlined a literary sensibility that’s helpful to keep in mind while reading his poems. “For me, to write is a form of prayer, however secular the subject of the writing at hand,” he told readers. “Writing is as private as prayer it contains, as prayer does, an implicit faith in there being somewhere a listener and at the same time a sober realization that prayer is finally one directional.”.

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