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The work wiki comes from the Hawaiian word wiki wiki which means fast. Always wondered why it was called Wikipedia, very appropriately named! I searched and picked out a few words from most of the listed languages. Some of the origins would have been easy to guess like bonsai or pizza.

Asking students to help out one more time by getting a fast H1N1 shot this Friday. Should wear short sleeves or sleeves that can be rolled up to the shoulder quickly and easily. There will be a limited number of free nasal spray vaccinations for students who can tolerate needles.

While both of these compounds work on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, they do so in very different ways. CBD tends to have a soothing effect, making it great for anxiety and pain. THC has a few different effects ranging from stimulating to hallucinogenic.

Practice progressive muscle relaxation. One of Leung’s ways of tuning in to the body’s messages and needs is also ideal for winding down at bedtime progressive muscle relaxation. During this exercise, participants visualize and scan each body part, tensing and relaxing while breathing.

This trip, Guy Fieri’s cruisin’ through Hawaii for an authentic taste of Oahu. In Waipahu, the family run Filipino joint serving up scratch made favorites straight outta mama’s cookbook like the lechon special and pork adobo fried rice, where he’s joined by chef friend Reno Henriques. In Kailua, the tiny cafe serving up modern twists on Hawaiian classics like red curry fish and the super flavorful Mandarin duck confit.

When I started in model railroading it was in HO. However after I had Lasik surgery, I found the smaller HO models harder to work with unless I put on my reading glasses (which are perpetually lost). More important, my 4 year old son likes to play trains with dad, and the HO models are too easy to break and too hard for him to get on the track.

The plan assumes that new suburbs won be connected to the network, and forecasts that overall gas usage will gradually decline in the coming years. It comes after the ACT government in January removed a legislative requirement that all new suburbs be hooked up to the gas network. The move advanced one of the key elements of the government climate change strategy; the phasing out of natural gas usage as part of efforts to achieve net zero emissions in the ACT by 2045.

Bit more background: by late 1914 the western front was pretty much a stalemate with nobody able to establish a break through (kind of a combination of effectiveness of the trenches, the power of artillery, the massive supply lines required to fight, and the infrastructure behind the lines. Individual units might take a few miles of terrain here and there or break through, but nothing sustained, and both sides had the ability to deploy reserves). Totally a war of attrition and Germany was losing that, but the Army was still serious.

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