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This behind the scenes tour of the Volvo Torslanda Assembly Plant production line takes you through the complete manufacturing process from rolls of sheet metal to finished cars. The Torslanda plant was opened in 1964 and has undergone major expansions to facilitate production of Volvo’s latest cars based on the SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) cars. Today the plant produces Volvo’s 60 and 90 Series cars, including the V60, XC60, V90 and XC90 models..

His “I Am A.” series features Raskind fully committing to a specific character be it a cat, an elf or a turkey. Dancing is usually incorporated, and the character is chosen at the request of his followers. He then films himself as the character in the middle of the Virginia Commonwealth University campus, one of the state’s largest public institutions..

To have a spare brand new Lysol Healthy Touch refill on hand at allChoosing a Refill SoapIf you live in a country which sells Dettol Antiseptic Soap, this product should be the best replacement for the original Lysol Healthy Touch canisters. Otherwise, any replacement soap must be the same density or thinner than original Lysol Healthy Touch hand soap. Use of soap that is thicker or contains particulates such as exfoliating sand or moisture beads will cause the dispenser to lock up.

I’m in Belize as a tourist. I went to St Herman’s Cave outside San Ignacio, Belize. It’s a small cave, with some Mayan artifacts. The Xiaomi Mi Band, like most existing wearable devices in the market, focuses on user’s health by helping them track their fitness and sleeping routine. The fitness tracking band also features Bluetooth wireless connectivity to pair with smartphones. The fitness tracking band was first unveiled in July last year, and went on sale in August in China..

Should be a great game! He is a fun story from this picture. I went downtown and met up with my buddy Jim Nix (Nomadic Pursuits)to photograph UT. We first stopped at the Texas Tower and kept on walking. They need somewhere to park their cash, and like RE/MF as an asset class. What do you guys think?$5 Billion of new construction and about 8,000 new units in an area 7 miles by 7 miles. And this is ground zero of CA for all the naysayersabout wacky politics/rent control/tenant friendly laws/unprofitable cap rates!I’m currently looking to purchase my first multifamily in the Inland Empire of Cali and having a hard time locating cash flowing properties.

Dead Still (Acorn TV, June 29): Starring Michael Smiley, this Irish Canadian production is set in 1880s Dublin in the fledgling world of post mortem photography. Main character Brock is the expert in his profession but there a new rival on the scene, who may just be creating his own clients. It billed as a little bit dramatic, a little bit mysterious and a little bit darkly funny..

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