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Continue to balance safety concerns with support for renters facing economic hardship or needing to self isolate due to COVID 19, said Fielding. Residential Tenancies Branch remains available to resolve urgent situations involving health and safety for landlords and tenants. Noted the RTB also recognizes landlords are experiencing financial challenges as some tenants are unable to pay full rent.

AbstractThis article examines young people’s views about sex education and focuses specifically on their views about interaction in single and mixed sex groups. Analysis of data from a survey of 3355 young people (aged 15/16 years), carried out in 13 co educational English secondary schools (as part of the RIPPLE study), showed that the majority of girls, and about one third of boys, would like some or all of their sex education to be delivered in single sex groups. Data from 15 focus groups were analysed to examine the reasons for these preferences.

“Six years ago today, I said do’ to this handsome fella. I meant it then and I mean it now,” she wrote while holding hands with her husband at the Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos. I am thankful for these past six years together (and, of course, for our beautiful son, Isaiah) and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives in love.”.

The club’s primary logo is inspired by the state flag of Ohio, with its unique pennant shape, red, white blue colors and white stars, in the shape of the letter C. That image overlays the familiar Blue Jackets’ star. The official state flag of Ohio, called the Ohio burgee, is based upon the pennant used by the Ohio cavalry from 1862 65.

There were no antiques, but he was always ready to talk about his work and give a free demonstration on the still he carried in the back of his old pick up truck. Of course he made sure there were at least a few copies of his book Me and My Likker available for purchase. Popcorn made several videos and was the topic of more than one news story and television documentary.

Bad guys, this is more than you bargained for. Presenting her first novel, Andrea Sisco opens an invigorating new series that is funny, thought provoking, and fraught with dangers that most readers will not encounter in their lifetimes. As a Minnesota probation officer and an independent crime solving go getter, protagonist Penelope “Pen” Santucci is ready to take a leading place among fictional female sleuths..

With the laundromat closed, islander Keith Hults will have to make other arrangements to dry clothes for his wife, who works at Mercy Hospital. He has been going to the laundromat several times a week to dry her clothes with high heat to try to sanitize them. He said he has used Lionel Plante businesses which include a marina for years and supports their decision to close the gas station and laundromat because there are so many people in and out of the business..

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