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Coming down to our last 20 games, Leonard said. Is the time we need to jell as a team, make our playoff push, make our weaknesses strong. Griffin scored 29 points for the Clippers, who have dropped consecutive games to the league two winningest teams since the All Star break ended.

Arguably the most dramatic design on this list, Jabra’s Stone headset is about as far removed from your standard wireless Bluetooth accessory as you can get. The Stone boasts cool, curvaceous looks, as well as a portable charging unit that the headset slots neatly into, and it is available in both black and white. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the Stone is a rocking option for you..

I hope to be back later this year and try it as a fisheye! St. Patrick is special in my heart as my Grandmother and Grandfather were married there many years ago! I had sent an email to St. Patrick to ask if I could photograph inside, they said yes, but no tripods.

Scandals in the White HouseScandals in the political arena can be both shocking and revealing. When celebrities are involved in extramarital affairs they suffer ridicule and shame but the heat usually dies down quickly. For politicians it is a different story.

Ambassador Kelly Craft responded that every country has its difficulties and grievances but the difference is that the United Stated is a democracy with the rule of law where people can protest and have democratic rights, which isn’t the case in China, the diplomats said, speaking on condition of anonymity because discussions were closed. And Chinese ambassadors raised were. Member states to join in demanding that China “reverse course and honor its obligation to this institution Hong Kong’s people,” Craft tweeted..

Some asset managers have called the funds of mass destruction, but as my Bloomberg View colleague Barry Ritholtz notes, they haven yet made a convincing case.That doesn mean there is no such case to be made. My own biggest worry about ETFs revolves around liquidity.There is no single unified definition of liquidity. In general it means the ease with which you can trade an asset, but that depends on conditions in the market mortgage backed securities were plenty liquid before the crisis struck, but became incredibly illiquid once people started doubting the quality of their ingredients.ETFs look very liquid, because as the name implies, you can trade them on exchanges.

When they find Shah’s base, the SEALs dig themselves in, with the hope of getting a shot at Shah. The mission is compromised when Luttrell himself is discovered by a goatherd, along with his bell wearing goats and what appears to be the goatherd’s family. Luttrell and the others take them prisoner while deciding what to do.

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