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Five million Canadians have suddenly started to work from home during the current pandemic to add to the two million already set up to work remotely pre COVID.As a raft of Canadians try to circumnavigate their new regime, conventional and social media are replete with tips, complaints, and jokes about just how to do it, as well as the attendant pratfalls.With the government encouraging people to stay in, we are quickly forgetting that legally employees have no right to work from their homes. Even if they can do so equally efficiently, which is seldom the case, the employer decides where work must be performed. Social distancing, necessary protective equipment and ill employees not permitted to attend, companies have an absolute right to require employees to turn up at the appointed workplace or risk losing their jobs.With productivity plummeting, many employers have considerable misgivings about their now empty workplaces.

Ben Underwood was blind, but while he was alive, he got around almost as well as people who can see, and even played video games with his friends. That’s because he had done something that’s very unusual: Ben Underwood taught himself how to echolocate. Underwood trained his ears to listen for the echoes that tongue clicking sounds that he produced made as they bounced back off of objects.

These days we all know we have all these digital files and we rarely print them. If you are a photographer and have any pics you want printed would def give Miller a try!! I give them 10 out of 10. Kudos Miller. Ruth Woodgate is a mother of two who has to support her family on 209 ($330) a week and lives way below the poverty line. “I think it’s a silly, silly mistake to make because it[the government] is not dealing with the issues. It’s just throwing money at the situation and that’s not always what is needs.

“Pride month is about celebrating LGBTQ+ visibility, and making sure that we’re advocating for equal rights for everyone. It’s an honor that DIFF would choose me to do this campaign for Pride, and with all the festivities, you’ll need some very cute lewks. And my DIFF line can help you with that!”.

Miriam started her stint on Fair City as the manager of the new Arcade. Swiftly, she became a mediator for any family issues taking place mostly involving the O’Brien clan. Things took a murky twist with the arrival of Hannah (Amy O’Dwyer) who seemed to both scorn and worship Miriam, while constantly making reference to “head office”.

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