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“When you don win, and don even make the playoffs, and don even stay on the court long enough, that the best thing you can do is tweet and make some stuff. Ain nobody else doing that, because they working on their games in the gym. These guys ain played a game, always hurt, and at the bottom of the totem pole.

There’s a final scene between Turing and Joan I doubt happened, but this is a biopic. Someone in the film needs to remind him of his worth at his lowest ebb. The film’s most disturbing irony is that Turing broke the world’s toughest code, but never cracked the code of behavior that would’ve given him the life he richly deserved..

An issue was raised with the latter option after structural engineers hired by the SDA determined it would be extremely difficult to preserve the specific portions of the building because of the state of decay of the building and the questionable structural integrity that that portion could stand on its own.A site concept plan prepared by the SDA showing its design concept plan for the new Trenton Central High SchoolThe SDA gave a lengthy presentation to the board about the structural issues and the different options before they were asked to vote on one of the two.The members of the public who came out to speak about the project were mostly in support of replacing the school with teachers, parents and students speaking out.Junior Tyshona Robinson said her memories of the high school are those of “disgust and disappointment” because of the state of the building. Robinson said it is not things like the iconic architecture and clock tower that she and her peers will remember about the school.”Those things to do not represent what the high school experience is or was about,” she said.TCHS principal Hope Grant and members of the school leadership team, representing parents and teachers at the school, echoed Robinson’s feelings.”We need to take this opportunity and run with it and not look back,” Grant said.A few preservationists did join the conversation at the meeting, raising concern about how a new building might lower property values or upset neighbors who bought their homes with the expectation that the building would stay the way it was.”They are not going to be able to build a building as majestic as this,” said Nancy Faris, who lives nearby.”Neighbors paid money for these houses,” Faris said. “They were, in essence, promised that the building would be there at least.

The Duggars have always drawn both praise and criticism for their lifestyle. I guess that’s how you get to be a reality TV star you push people’s buttons. The star either validates the things the audience already believes and garners support, or contradicts the things the audience already believes and pisses everyone off.

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