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Cologne 4. Nurnberg 5. Frankfurt. From Cleveland, Ohio the great photographic location of Garfield Tomb. Per my previous HDR post, this was the first time I have ever shot in a Cemetery. Kinda spooky, but this spot feels a bit different. The 145kg welder, who is almost two metres tall, had been drinking with the victim at a mutual friend’s home on February 21. A group had gathered to celebrate a birth and after several hours of drinking, the 53 year old victim headbutted the back fence of the property and left by jumping a side fence. Oakley wanted to know why he had damaged the fence and got into a vehicle driven by his partner with another person to look for him.

Healthy Diets Begin with Healthy, Whole Food IngredientsIf you are looking for ways to improve your diet and maybe lose weight, there are small, easy changes you can make. Let me tell you that healthy diets begin with healthy ingredients. When you incorporate whole wheat crust and whole grains, you’ll add fiber, grains and protein that will both fill you up faster and slow digestion..

The issue surrounds a lengthy legal battle between Treasure Valley irrigators and state officials that kicked off in court in 2013 but has been boiling at the surface for nearly a decade. It comes down to how much water users are entitled to during snow heavy years, when reservoirs tend to be full, and water must be released in early spring to maintain space for snow runoff and manage river flows. It’s a delicate balance to ensure enough water is sent downstream..

2. The drivers suck. We have some of the most dangerous intersections in the state in South Florida. The Prime Minister said he was aware that a lot needed to be done. “There are many challenges and problems that our country faces. I am working day and night.

Included: an I1 clarity diamond will have a visible flaw which can be seen with the naked eye, but there should only be one major flaw which is not too obvious. Overall the diamond should still look nice however I1 clarity grades vary quite a bit so one should be very careful when making a selection. If your budget only allows for an SI3 or I1 clarity diamond, be sure to examine it thoroughly before purchasing and make sure the inclusions do not detract from the overall beauty of the diamond..

Go read Mike explainer on these beauties.Quick hits: Kyle Busch feels for Chase Elliott Lillard telling comments about the NBA return Two standup comedians you should be following And more!Kyle Busch explained why he thinks Chase Elliott is handling NASCAR heartbreak a of a lot better than he would.Damian Lillard doesn seem all that interested in playing if the 2019 2020 NBA season returns and I can blame him for the way he feels.Let me introduce you to two of my favorite comedians Sam Morril and Mark Normand who have free specials on YouTube right now that are better than anything you see on Netflix.Here are some new photos that give you a look inside the Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas.Look, I’m not proud that I wrote this. But you clicked on it, so obviously it’s something YOU are interested in, too, so let’s not pass any judgement here. Okay?I’m not going to lie, this might get a little weird at times, but for anyone who has spent way too much time customizing a player’s equipment in a sports video game, this stuff matters.Football players are cool and the quarterback position is the coolest in all of sports.

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