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But once you were in the power environment, you were golden. To keep their jobs, these women kept their heads down and always smiled. Worked hard and were expected to act professionally at all times, said one secretary. Being worried or anxious or nervous affects your concentration. So just do your bit and relax. Another huge time waster is worrying and calling up your friends.

I had a little photoshop fun with the shot above was a standard action photo exposure. I brought the photo into Photoshop. Used Silver Efex Pro and made it selective color via masking and the next step was Blur in the Photoshop drop down menu was needed here as well.

This is the kind of shit that being sold in gun stores all across the land. High powered rifles that shoot enormously deadly bullets capable of killing human beings the way that 19 year old shooter killed 17 human beings this week at a school in Florida. In many of these gun stores, you can buy your gun in the front room, and then take it out back to the indoor firing range where they set you up to shoot the goddamn thing.

When you shop at “Tarjay” or one of the other big box stores at Center of Cincinnati, you’re communing with the spirits of Cincinnati Milacron workers. That retail area is where the plant used to be. And every time you buy candy or ice cream at Aglamesis Brothers, a tradition going back nearly a century is carried on..

Meteoric rise came to an abrupt halt last weekend after she criticized pro life conservatives in a guest appearance on ABC View. Am a constitutional, you know, someone that loves the Constitution, she said. I can sit here and be a hypocrite and say I for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies.

I’ve asked quite a few people about that: dealers and collectors both. Nobody knows. It looks like our children will not have children of their own, so I’ve been looking to cousins to find a home for some of these things. Because of this; our representatives in congress have no incentive to work together or ‘reach across the aisle’ because they know that if they wait it out, they’ll be in power again in a few years. The idiocy of this style of representation boggles my mind. How can we, as citizens, expect our government to change, when we keep re electing the same crappy government over and over again?.

Going back in time to the year 1975, one Mr. Jima Jannard, began Oakley polarized sunglasses manufacturing with a capital of only three hundred dollars. His aim and objective was to manufacture better products that cannot be found in any other company.

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