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My idea of a perfectly packed carry on would be filled with tech and ready for the beach. You find Bose QuietComfort Headphones, an iPhone 6+, a spare hard drive and Mophie juice pack, a Skyroam hotspot for global Wi Fi, an Amazon Kindle, Ray Ban aviators, Orlebar Brown Springer swim shorts, Rivieras cotton mesh beach shoes, and a Sunspel loopback sweat top or tee. Practical yet stylish!.

TJ Ducklo, White House deputy press secretary, reportedly threatened to “destroy” a reporter pursuing a story about his relationship. After the Biden aide earlier this week was revealed to be dating Alexi McCammond, a political journalist for Axios, Vanity Fair reported that Ducklo tried to intimidate Politico reporter Tara Palmeri while she was pursuing a story about the relationship, threatening to ruin her reputation if she published it. “I will destroy you,” Ducklo reportedly threatened in a phone call with Palmeri.

The main results suggest that foreign ownership, supplying MNEs, exporting and importing are robustly associated with higher firm productivity and we cannot reject the hypothesis that these channels are equally important.The second study examines whether international technology transfer through foreign ownership, supplying MNEs, exporting and importing depends on firm and country absorptive capacity in 26 transition economies in ECA region using the BEEPS 2002 and 2005 waves. The main contributions of this paper are that it uses firm specific measures of access to foreign technology and measures of absorptive capacity (workforce education, personnel training and R activities) which are closely related to the concept of absorptive capacity and less prone to measurement errors than productivity gap measures used in previous studies. Our results suggest that access to foreign technology and absorptive capacity are associated with higher productivity, but, contrary to our hypothesis, there is no evidence of an interaction effect between absorptive capacity and access to foreign technology.The third study investigates how participation in international activities affects firms’ demand for skilled labour and the ways in which firms respond to changes in demand for skilled labour in 26 transition economies in ECA during the period 2002 2005 using BEEPS 2002 and 2005 waves.

Cheers: To high school athletics. There are no games yet, because of the coronavirus pandemic, but there is news in high school sports. Most notable is that practices began this week for traditional fall sports, including football, although the schedule for games has not been set.

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