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And here was the mob: pounding on doors, breaking through windows. Here was a police officer crushed in a doorway, blood pouring down his face. Here was another officer, Eugene Goodman, bravely making himself into a decoy to lure the rioters away from their targets.

James said all growler fills at the store are now $3 until his supply runs out. He wasn’t precisely sure when that might be but said if it lasts until Super Bowl Sunday (February 7th), he may go in and work one last shift behind the bar at the Madison Growler. The Growler’s first Sunday open was Super Bowl Sunday..

Anyone shopping for Airpods at this point in the game knows exactly why they want a pair. For anyone with an iPhone, their automatic pairing to your phone when the case is opened is reason enough to buy. (Opening the case with the Airpods still in it also triggers a battery notification on your phone, which will quickly become a lifesaver.).

Most of the projects that threaten to derail our productivity when we finally start on them have longer timelines than we imagine, making them difficult to break down into daily or weekly actions. But done right, a 90 day sprint is enough to get meaningful units of work done that collectively bring you closer to your long term goals. And it still short enough that you can frequently course correct anytime things threaten to veer off track..

These results suggest that bird age has implications when choosing a bone for assessing possible differences in dietary phosphorus and calcium uptake. Femur ash may be more appropriate for showing differences in broilers aged 6 wk and older. Foot ash provides a comparable alternative to tibia ash in birds aged 2 to 5 wk of age, providing a labor and time saving alternative..

The new building would have approximately 3,000 square feet of commercial space on the first floor with approximately 32 apartments on the three upper floors. There would be 40 enclosed parking stalls. While no rezoning is required, the project would require a conditional use permit due to the overall size and height of the building.

What happens when the polls close? Once poll workers are certain that all ballots have been counted, and that the number of voters equals the number of ballots cast, poll workers print a paper results tape and announce the results for that polling location. Poll workers sign a results tape for the County Clerk, and another results tape for the City Clerk. After the results tapes have finished printing, the unofficial results are transmitted to the County Clerk via modem.

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