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I have loved Oculus hardware, but I am not an unbiased observer on this issue, and I won pretend to be. I resent the fact that the best consumer VR company has decided to become the worst consumer VR company solely to suck down just a little more personal information nobody wants to give them. This isnotthe official opinion of ExtremeTech.

Harden’s unique method of play has inspired a number of copycats around the league who have tried to emulate Harden’s success at getting open shots, using his physical ability to start and stop rapidly, and creating contact that gets him to the foul line. All of that was on Harden’s mind when the time came to start designing the latest version of his signature shoe, the Adidas Harden Vol. 3.

“Let’s face it,” says Jay Frisard, who spent years managing food and beverage operations at Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, “camping and backpacking facilities aren’t exactly pristine and sterile environments. Pandemic or not, I always camp with sanitary wipes.” Alcohol wipes aren’t the easiest to come by these days, so make your own with this set of three 70% alcohol sprayers and a Rhino wipe tote system that comes with 75 dry wipes; refills are also available (110 Sheet Rhino Wipe Refill Roll; $9.99). Your Dr.

As lifestyle journalists and enthusiastic shoppers, we’re forever being asked to track down the top products. Think of us as slightly younger, less manic and hopefully less ruthless versions of Eddy and Patsy in Ab Fab when they went ballistic upon discovering the perfect door handle in New York. We’ve gone bananas over much more trivial things, like the perfect mattress for a good night’s sleep.

A: The Board of Directors (the Board) of Pool Corporation (the Company, we, us or our) is providing these proxy materials to you in connection with its solicitation of proxies for use at the 2020 annual meeting of our stockholders (the Annual Meeting). Stockholders at the close of business on March 12, 2020, the record date, are entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. Central Time via live webcast on the internet..

First, remember not to be afraid to experiment. A scarf is not a big investment. Once you have a scarf, you can proceed to tie it on a handbag in a knot. I was a little kid, I used to ride my bicycle over to my dad office and just watch him do things been around it my entire life and I found it intriguing, he said. Just the micro surgery and LASIK and the results and everything, but the relationships that you form with patients is the utmost to us. That commitment to our patients has taken us in directions that no one else has gone..

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